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Why visit Croatia?

Since Croatia was runner-up in Russia’s 2018 World Cup, this country has been the center of attention for many people who did not know they existed. Additionally, when many people want to visit Europe, Croatia was never a highly requested destination, but that has changed, and we will explain why. If you still don’t know […]

5 things to know when renting in Zagreb with us

Obviously while writing a post on such a topic we cannot be unbiased since we are acting as a real estate agency but we will briefly try to emphasize the difference and different outcomes which may happen when renting solely vs renting through agents No 1 All the apartments in our offer are verified We […]

Croatian Presidency of the EU Council

The Croatian Presidency of the Council is getting closer to the Council of the European Union. Croatia takes over the presidency of the European Union, namely the Council of the European Union, in the first half of 2020. Even though the Croatian Presidency does not yet speak much, the European Union Presidency brings different opportunities […]

Croatia Travel Guide

Weather in Croatia¬† Inland Croatia has a continental climate, warm in summer, cold in winter. In Zagreb, the temperature is often 32 C+ (90 F) in high summer (late June to mid-August) and the city center feels oppressively hot. September and October are usually settled and warm, giving way to colder, foggy weather in November. […]

Top things to do in Croatia

Croatia is a wonderful country famous for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear Adriatic sea, more than a thousand islands, mountainous coastline, great food and great wines. We also love it for its friendly people, small villages, safety, and cleanliness.

Must try food in Croatia

We love food in Croatia. It’s varied, fresh, local, and tasty. In continental Croatia, people eat lots of meat, while a diet in coastal regions is heavily based on fish and other seafood. Traditional Croatian food has some similarity with Italian, Austrian, Hungarian, and Turkish food. Yet, Croatian dishes have their own distinct interpretation and […]