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Read our FAQ and find out answers to all important questions when renting properties in Zagreb.


Are properties verified by HomeInZagreb?

Our team members visit every property in our offer in order to verify the location, neighborhood and the property itself.

What are the types of properties?

With us you can rent our a room, a room in shared apartment, a studio, an apartment or a whole house.

Location of the properties

All our properties in Zagreb are located within a reach of a public transportation, mostly in the city center and near important institutions.

How do I search for an accommodation?

Very easy 🙂 On our website you can search properties by location, size, number of bedrooms, price, type or by property features.

How can I indicate my preferences?

You can use our serach options or you can simply fill out our accommodation form and our team members will get back to you with tailor-made offer.

What information can I see on the listings?

Each property has its own listing page where you can see property description, photos, availability dates, prices, features, location, street view and 360 virtual tour (for some properties).

Can I visit the property before renting it?

Mostly all our clients reserve their accommodation online based on the offers on our website. We only offer apartment visits for 12+ month lease period. In case you are renting for a longer period we are able to organize a visit to the property with a mandatory prior notice about the day and time of the visit.

Do you offer accommodation in other cities?

Our focus is on properties in Zagreb and Zagreb area but we are also able to make sme tailor-made offer for other cities.

Booking Procedure

How can I reserve an apartment?

Once you find an accommodation that suits your needs you can register your interest in renting it by submitting the form on the listing page or contact us by email.

How can I check the property availability?

On the lsiting page of each apartment you can find availability date or you can contact our office.

What is the Brokerage agreement?

The Brokerage agreement is a legal document that formalizes the relationship between HomeInZagreb and the tenant and it’s signed digitally upon reservation.

What is the minimum age to reserve a property?

In order to reserve the accommodation and become the tenant, you have to be at least 18 years old. If you are minor, your parents or guardian can reserve it for you.

Can someone else make reservation for me?

Yes, reservation can be made by a third person but only with written consent of the “real” client.

When is my accommodation reserved?

Your accommodation is reserved once we receive the full amount of the deposit and the service fee payment. 

Why do you need my ID or Passport?

We need a copy of official document from each tenant in order to prepare the Brokerage and Lease agreement.

Can I cancel my reservation?

In case you want to cancel your reservation make sure to e-mail us with cancellation details. You can review our cancellation policy in our Terms and Conditions.

Service Fee

What is the service fee?

The service fee is one-time fee we charge for our services. It includes finding an accommodation according to the needs of our clients, visiting and verifying every property and constant support during the lease period.

Why do you charge the service fee?

It allows the team to provide verified properties, according to the needs of our clients, with the goal of achieving a superb renting experience.

How is the service fee paid?

It’s paid by bank transfer upon reservation of the apartment along with the apartment deposit.

When is the service fee paid?

The service fee is paid prior to arrival along with the deposit when making the reservation of the property.

Can I pay service fee by credit card?

No, the service fee can be paid only by bank transfer.

Is payment of the service fee mandatory?

Yes, the payment of the service fee is mandatory. The property can’t be reserved without paying the service fee.

How is the service fee calculated?

The service fee amount is calculated depending on the duration of your stay at the Apartment. We have three options of stay – up to 1 month, up to 5 months, 6 months or more.

Is the service fee paid by person?

Yes, the service fee is paid per person and it is calculated based on the length of stay.

Lease Agreement

What is the lease agreement?

The lease agreement is a legal document that formalizes the relationship between the landlord and the tenant.

When is the lease agreement signed?

The lease agreement is signed on your arrival to the accommodation.

Is signing the lease agreement mandatory?

Yes, by Croatian laws it is illegal to rent the property without having the lease agreement.

Can I see the lease agreement before signing it?

Of course, we will send you a sample of the lease agreement which will be signed on your arrival to the accommodation. We recommend you to read it and ask us any questions you might have.

What is the language of the agreement?

The lease agreement is bilingual (Croatian & English).

Do I get a copy of the agreement?

Yes, upon arrival and singing of the agreement, you will get your paper copy.

Can I sublease the property?

Without of the consent of the landlord, the tenant can’t give an accommodation or any part of it to the sublease to third parties.

Cancellation of the agreement prior to expiration

In case you cancel your agreement prior to its expiration, you may loose your deposit.


What is the deposit?

The deposit is the amount paid by the tenant during the booking process with the intention of reserving the property and to cover any damage that occurs in the accommodation during renting period or in case of breach of lease agreement by the tenant.

When is deposit paid?

The deposit is paid when making a reservation for a property before arrival by bank transfer.

How do I get my deposit back?

The deposit is refunded at the end of the renting period, usually after the landlord checks the property and ensures there is no damage. Then the landlord makes the deposit refund directly to the tenant either on site or by bank transfer.

Can my deposit be used as rent payment?

No, the deposit cannot be used as rent or utilities payment. All the payments should be done on a regular basis and the deposit is refunded at the end of the renting period.

What if few people are reserving a property?

In case more tenants are making a reservation of a property the deposit is split in equal parts among the number of persons making the reservation, so each person is paying part of the total amount.

My roommate didn't pay his part of the deposit

If reservation is done by two or more tenants, the property is reserved when the whole amount of the deposit is received.

How can I loose my deposit?

The deposit can be lost if the tenant decides to leave before the period of the lease agreement ends or if the tenant is not fulfilling the terms of the lease agreement.

What if I make damage to the property?

In this case, the amount needed to reapir the damage will be deducted from your deposit. In case you pay for repairs during the rental period, the deposit will be refunded in full amount. In case the damage is valued as the same amount as the deposit, the deposit will not be refunded.

What if repair cost is higher than the deposit?

In case the repair cost for the damage you made is valued more than your deposit, you will have to pay for the difference.

Someone else made damage in my apartment

If someone from your roommates made damage in the property it is up to all the tenants or roommates in the property to come to an agreement. The landlord will deduct the amount from the whole deposit.


What is the rent?

The rent is the amount paid usually on a monthly basis for renting the property. The rent stated next to each property refers to monthly rent without utilities or other costs.

When is the rent paid ?

The rent is paid at the beginning of month for the following month unless otherwise agreed in the agreement. The first month rent is paid on your arrival to the property no matter of the date of your arrival. 

What if I am late with rent payment?

Being late with rent payment is considered a breach of the lease agreement and it may lead to cancellation of the contract by the landlord and loss of the deposit. Also, the landlord has right to charge you interest rate. We strongly advise not to be late with rent payment no matter of the reason or excuse you may have. In case you know you may be late with rent payment it’s very important to inform us or the landlord about this and state an exact date when the payment will be made.

How is the rent paid?

The rent is paid every month directly to the landlord or by bank transfer to the landlord’s bank account.

Can the rent be paid by days?

No, the rent is paid on a monthly basis.

Exceptionally, rent can be calculated by days if a tenant arrives to the property at the end of a month, if the landlord agrees the rent can be calculated “pro rata” or proportionally by the number of days you are using the property. This is possible only in case the landlord agrees and on the arrival to the property. So leaving several days before the end of the month will not affect the rent amount.

Can I get confirmation for my rent payments?

Yes, you can get rent payment confirmation for your rental period. Contact our office and we will issue you an official payment confirmation.

What is the minimum rental period?

Usually the minimum rental period is 4 months, except for the summer periods when different short term programs are held. In case your renting period is shorter than 4 months you can always inform us and we will try to find accommodation according to your request and needs

Is rent split according to the number of tenants?

In case more persons are renting a property the rent is usually split among the number of persons which rent the apartment. However, in case the tenants agree that the person staying in the bigger room is paying more rent or the persons staying in smaller rooms pay less, it’s completely the same to the landlord who is paying which amount as long as the whole amount of rent is covered on time.

My roommate is leaving earlier than me

In case one of the tenants is leaving earlier than others at the accommodation which is rented as a whole property the remaining tenants are still responsible to cover the full amount of rent and utilities for the whole property.

Renting room vs renting apartment

There is a difference between renting a room in shared apartment and renting the apartment as a whole.

In case you rent a room in the apartment you have a single contract for yourself an individual renting period and amount of rent for the room, while the utilities for the apartment are usually shared among the tenants, if they are not included in the room rent already.

In case more tenants rent an apartment the amount of rent and utilities is shared among the tenants and the renting period in the lease agreement should be the same for all the tenants, meaning that if someone from the tenants decide to leave earlier the remaining tenants still have to cover the whole cost of rent and utilities in the accommodation.


What are utilities?

Utilities or bills are costs which the tenants are paying on top of the rent and they are part of monthly expenses at every property which is rented.

What are the usual types of utilities?

The utilities can be different in each property but the most common utilities are gas, water, electricity, garbage disposal, communal tax, Internet & TV subscription, heating energy, housing reserves. The number and amount of utility bills are depending on the property size, type and location.

When are utilities paid?

Utilities are usually paid at the end of the month, when all the invoices arrive and when the consumption can be calculated. In case the utilities are part of the rent (utilities included) then the utilities are paid along with the rent according to the lease agreement.

How can I check my consumption?

In most of the properties, there are the devices that count your electricity consumption, gas consumption and water consumption so you are able to check your exact consumption.

What is the average price for the utilities?

The average can be different in each property since it is depending on the size, type, location and your consumption. Usually, the average price of utilities for 2 bedrooms apartment is around 150,00€ per month.

Are the utilities shared by the tenants?

Yes, if you are renting a room in the shared apartment the total amount for the utilities will be split by the number of the tenants. Exceptionally, some tenants who are using larger rooms can pay a little bit more than others.

Rent with fixed utilities

This means your rent and utilities will be separated but the amount you need to pay for the utilities will be fixed for every month.

Rent with utilities included

When renting a property which has utilities included in the rent price, the tenant is paying only one amount at the beginning of every month. This doesn’t mean that excessive consumption or expenditure will be tolerated or included in the renting price.

Rent with separated utilities

In the majority of properties in our offer the utilities are paid separately from the rent. Usually the rent is paid at the beginning of every month, while the utilities are paid at the end of the month or at the begining of the next month. The reason why the utilities are paid later than the rent is that the utility bills with exact consumption are arriving by mail several days after the end of the month.

House Rules

Can I have a pet?

No, any kind of pet in the accommodation is not allowed.

Can I smoke inside of the property?

In most of our properties, smoking is not allowed.

What are the quite hours?

The time between 10 p.m. – 8 a.m. is the time of public peace and order and tenants should be careful with the volume of TV, music and similar.

Can I organize a house party?

No, parties, group gatherings or similar activities are strictly forbidden within a property. Organizing a party may lead to loss of deposit and cancellation of the lease agreement due to contract breach. You can, of course, invite some friends for dinner or similar but loud parties are not allowed.

Can I bring my own furniture?

If it’s just a TV or similar it is ok, but for other furniture, you should have consent from the landlord.

Can I invite some guests to my place?

Of course, you can invite some friends or family members over to your place.

Are overnight guests allowed?

In case you informed your landlord and he/she agreed to it of course, your friends or family members can sleep at your place. Have in mind that some landlords charge this additionally and some landlords do not agree to it.

Am I responsible for cleaning the property?

Yes, it’s your responsibility to keep the apartment clean on a weekly basis. No matter if you have cleaning included in the rent or paying extra for cleaning the rooms and common spaces should be kept clean. The most important thing upon departure is that the accommodation is in the same condition as it was at your arrival.

Alcohol or drugs abuse in the property?

Alcohol abuse or use and possession of drugs within the accommodation is strictly prohibited and punished by Croatian laws. Breach any of this rule will mean immediate expulsion from the property.

Arrival & Departure

How do I get my keys?

Once you reserved your apartment the next step is organizing your arrival. Our team members will contact you in order to set the moving in date. Upon arrival, our agent and the landlord will assist you with moving into the property, give you keys, explain how to use the property and similar.

Do you provide airport pickup service?

Our team members can organize pickup service for you. Our partners drivers will welcome you at the airport, bus or train station and drive you directly to your accommodation.

My arrival date has changed?

No problem, just make sure to infom our team and we will set up a new moving in date and time.

What should I bring on my arrival?

The most important part of your arrival is to inform us on your arrival date, time and meeting place so we could organize your arrival on time and inform the landlord about it. Before your arrival it is important that you read the sample of the lease agreement, prepare the rent for the 1st month and bring your passport or ID. On your arrival day we will be introducing you to your accommodation, signing the lease agreement, solving the rent payment and instructing you on the registration of stay process.

What should I do on my departure?

When leaving your accommodation you should make sure that you inform your landlord about the exact date and time of leaving, that the property is cleaned and all your stuff is removed. The property should be in the same condition as it was on the day of your arrival. Make sure to repair any damages, clean the accommodation fully by yourself or hire a cleaning agency to do it. The landlord will check is the accommodation is cleaned or not, in case you leave the accommodation in a dirty and not satisfactory condition the landlord has the right to deduct the cleaning amount from the deposit.

What is the final cleaning fee?

The final cleaning fee is the amount paid for cleaning the apartment on your departure, the exact amount is different at every accommodation.

24/7 Support

What is 24/7 support?

This is support from our team during your stay in Croatia in case of an emergency. Feel free to reach us, we will give our best to help.

What if the internet is not working?

If the WIFI or internet is not working in the accommodation please inform the landlord or us immediately about it, it can take 1-2 days for the internet provider to come and solve the problem. The crucial thing is that you inform us fast and we can start solving the problem immediately.

What if I need medical help?

If that situation happens, you can always contact us and we will assist you in getting treatment by a dentist, doctor or other medical support.

What if I was robbed?

If that situation happens, you should immediately call the police and report the case. Also, you always contact us if you need any guidance or assistance.

What if there is a problem in the property?

​In the case of gas, water or electricity malfunction or ​if ​any of the devices is not working you should inform the landlord or us immediately about this matter, so we could solve it as soon as possible.

What should I do if I damage something in the property?

In case you make any damage at the property you should report it to your landlord immediately, the landlord will organize a repair or you can do it. The damage can be paid immediately or deducted from the deposit, you can also inform us about it.

VISA Croatia

What is VISA?

VISA is an official permission which temporarily authorizes person to enter and stay in a foreign country.

Do I need VISA?

You can check your VISA status on the website of the Croatian Ministery of Foregin and European affairs.

How can I get VISA for Croatia?

Visa application shall be submitted in person prior to the entry into Croatia, at the competent Embassy/Consulate.

Is Croatia in the Schengen Zone?

Despite being part of the EU, Croatia is not part of the Schengen zone.

I am a holder of valid Schengen VISA

All third-country nationals who are holders of valid Schengen documents, as well as national visas and residence permits of Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Romania do not require an additional (Croatian) visa for Croatia

What is VISA guarantee letter?

​Letter of guarantee is a document signed by a guarantor and is used as proof of the purpose of your visit, filled out by the guarantor – a natural or legal person from Croatia. The guarantor can be a Croatian national or an alien with granted residence in Croatia, who receives income or has financial means in Croatia.

How can I get Croatian citizenship?

The Croatian citizenship is acquired on the grounds of origin, being born in the Republic of Croatia, naturalization or international treaties.

Temporary Stay Permit

What are the types of stay permit?

In Croatia, there are three types of stay permits: short stay permit (tourist stay), temporary stay permit and permanent stay permit.

Do I need temporary stay permit?

If you are staying in Croatia more than 90 days you should regulate your stay and apply for temporary stay permit.

Grounds for Temporary stay permit?

Temporary residence may be granted on the following grounds: family reunification, secondary school education and university studies, scientific research, humanitarian grounds, work, work of posted workers or for other purposes.

Do you assist tenants with stay permits?

We provide support for all our clients for their registration of stay and getting the necessary stay permits. Depending on your country of origin (EU-non EU) we inform you on the necessary documents and guide them through the process.

Where I have to submit the application?

Foreigners who do not need a visa for entering Croatia can submit their temporary residence application to the police administration/police station according to the intended place of residence, employer’s location or place of work.

Foreigners who do need a visa for entering Croatia can submit their temporary residence or work and residence application to a diplomatic mission/consular post of Croatia.

What is OIB number?

It is a personal identification number given to residents and citizens in Croatia, similar to a social security number in the United States.

Is registration of stay mandatory?

According to the Croatian law and EU laws, registration of stay is mandatory.

City of Zagreb

How large is Zagreb?

Zagreb is the capital and the largest city of Croatia. The estimated population of the city in 2018 was 820 678 but we like to say it’s 1 million.

Do people speak English?

Yes, most of the people living in Zagreb are familiar with English. According to a recent poll, some 80% of Croatians are multilingual and, of that group, 81% are English-speakers.

How is public transportation organized?

There are three ways of public transportation – trams, buses and city railway. They operate all day (every few minutes) and night (every hour). Tickets can be bought on board or at newsstands.  Monthly or annual tickets can also be bought in ZET offices at a reduced price.

Does Zagreb has an Airport?

Yes, it has. The new passenger terminal at the Franjo Tuđman Airport, located 17km out of town and with a capacity of hosting 5 million passengers per year, went into commercial use in spring 2017

Is Zagreb safe city?

Zagreb is probably one of the safest European capitals. There are no gangs, organized crime groups, terrorism, and the overall crime rate is low.

Republic of Croatia

How large is Croatia?

Croatia is the 26th-largest European country by area (56,594 km²) and it has 4,3 milion inhabitants.

Is Croatia in European Union?

Yes, Republic of Croatia is a member of EU since 1st of July 2013.

What is the official currency of Croatia?

From January 1, 2023, the official currency of the Republic of Croatia is the Euro (EUR).

What is the official language of Croatia?

The official language is Croatian (Slavic origins) and the alphabet we use is Latin.

Is Croatia expensive?

​Croatia is definitely more expensive than some of its neighboring countries but comparing it to the rest of the EU it is much less expensive.

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