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Definitions of the terms that are part of the Terms & Conditions

„R.E.A.“ is a licensed real estate agency according to the laws of Republic of Croatia

„Tenant/Client“ is a person or a company who is renting the accommodation through the R.E.A.

„Landlord“ is the property owner who is renting the accommodation through the R.E.A. 

„Accommodation” is a room, studio, apartment,a house or any other type of properties offered through R.E.A. website 

“Booking Request” is a request to book accommodation offered through the R.E.A. by a Tenant / Client 

„Offer“ is an offer that consists of the Service fee and Deposit used to reserve the Accommodation

„Service fee“ is the fee that R.E.A. charges the Tenant / Client for their services upon their request to reserve Accommodation.

„Deposit“ is the amount paid by the Tenant / Client during the booking process with the intention of reserving the Accommodation and to cover any damage that occurs during his/her occupation of the Accommodation or in case of any breach of the Lease Agreement by the Tenant.

„Renting period/Lease period“ is the period for which the Tenant / Client is paying the rent to the Landlord. The renting period is defined in the Lease Agreement.

“Lease Agreement” refers to the Lease Agreement signed by the Landlord and by the Tenant, to which R.E.A. is not a party.

“Move-in Date” refers to the date in which the Tenant / Client indicates, at the time of making the reservation, he/she will begin occupying the Accommodation. The move in date is stated in the Lease Agreement.

“Move-out Date” refers to the date in which the Tenant / Client indicates, at the time of making the reservation, he/she will vacate the Accommodation. The move out date is stated in the Lease Agreement.

“Website” is website www.homeinzagreb.com


This Client Brokerage Agreement is a legal document that formalizes the relationship between R.E.A and the Tenant/Client. R.E.A. obligation is to assist, support and connect the Tenant with a Landlord in order to conclude the Lease Agreement by specific terms. 

The Tenant/Client is obliged to pay the service fee to R.E.A. for the provision of services defined further in this agreement.

The information displayed on the R.E.A. website

  • The R.E.A.website contains information, images and prices of Accommodation. R.E.A. attempts to ensure that all information published on the website is clear, accurate, complete and not misleading. R.E.A. also tries to ensure that only accommodation that meets R.E.A.’s standards of cleanliness, decor, building safety and finish is listed on the website. However, R.E.A. does not provide the Accommodation, and does not guarantee that any particular standards are met. 

  • R.E.A. reserves the right to remove without notice all or any part of any Accommodation listed on the website for any reason, including but not limited to instances where we conclude in our own sole judgment that it is out of date, inaccurate or breaches the rights of a third party. We will use reasonable efforts to process and act on any complaints we receive about accommodation reasonably and promptly, but R.E.A. will have no liability for the failure to remove any Accommodation listing from its website.

  • Tenants are advised to read all documentation concerning accommodation carefully and ensure that they understand the cost of the Accommodation (i.e. the rent and any other costs,) the terms and duration of the Lease Agreement and any restrictions on the Accommodation’s usage.

Our process

Tenants may submit a Booking Request for Accommodation through the R.E.A. website or by email. Upon Booking Request the Tenant must select the renting dates and Accommodation that he/she wishes to book. The renting dates provided to R.E.A. will be used in the Lease Agreement. The Tenant will be asked to complete certain personal details and send the ID or Passport copy. 

  • The landlord can accept or reject any Booking Request. If the Booking Request is rejected, R.E.A. will promptly notify the Tenant and will make reasonable efforts to suggest other suitable accommodation. 

  • If the Landlord accepts the Booking Request, the Tenant will receive an email confirming that a Booking Request has been submitted with the payment offer and payment instructions. The accommodation is booked once R.E.A. received the full payment offer.

  • Upon receiving the full amount of the payment offer from the Tenant R.E.A. will transfer the accommodation deposit to the Landlord within 5 work days in order to reserve the accommodation on behalf of the Tenant / Client.


The accommodation deposit will be transferred to the Landlord under the following conditions

  • Deposit will be given back to the tenant when this Agreement expires if all of the terms of this lease agreement with the landlord are fulfilled. Landlord has the right to keep the deposit if the tenant decides to leave or to cancel the agreement before the rent period of the lease ends. 

  • R.E.A is not in case responsible if the Tenant deposit cannot be refunded due to any breach of the Lease Agreement caused by the tenant.

  • For the purpose of this Client Brokerage Agreement and the Lease Agreement renting dates are set as follow: 


  • Move-in Date


  • Move-out Date

Cancellation policy

  • After the booking is confirmed and 5 working days have passed, the Accommodation deposit is non-refundable. To cancel a Booking request, a Tenant must email R.E.A. with the request and valid reason for cancellation. R.E.A. will not accept cancellations that are done over the phone.

  • Post arrival cancellation. If a Tenant cancels within 24 hours after moving in date, R.E.A. will evaluate the Tenant’s reason for cancellation with the Landlord and attempt to resolve the issue. There must be a significant discrepancy between the description of the photographs or listing information of the accommodation online and the actual condition of the Accommodation in order for the cancellation to be deemed to be for a valid reason. The Tenant must supply R.E.A. with photographic evidence and a written statement proving the claimed significant discrepancy.

  • Canceling after the first 24 hours. If a Tenant seeks to cancel more than 24 hours after moving in date, R.E.A. will attempt to assist the Tenant, but once Lease Agreement has been executed between a Tenant and a Landlord, the Tenant is contractually responsible for the obligations undertaken pursuant to that Lease Agreement. 

  • Earlier cancellation of the Lease Agreement may lead to loss of Tenant/Client deposit which can be withheld by the Landlord due to loss of rent caused by earlier termination of the Lease Agreement.

Applicable law

Both parties fully understand the content and legal meaning of the terms in this contract, and waive the right for rebuttal of the contract due to any reason. The parties agree that this agreement contains their true and real will and by signing the agreement accept the rights and obligations arising from it. Both parties agree that all eventual disputes are to be solved with mutual respect, and if that is not possible, parties recognize the jurisdiction of the court at the seat of the R.E.A.

Service fee

R.E.A. provides the Client with the following services: 

  • Finding suitable Apartment which meets the need of the Client 
  • Negotiation of the Lease Agreement terms with the Landlord on behalf of the Client
  • Verification of the accommodation and Landlord
  • Introducing the Client with the renting obligations and customs
  • Providing support during the renting period 
  • Providing Proof of Accommodation for VISA purposes 
  • Advising Tenants / Clients in application process for Temporary stay permit 

By accepting this Agreement the Tenant / Client will pay one-time non-refundable service fee to the R.E.A. in the amount of 

  • 99,00 EUR up to 1 month stay
  • 199,00 EUR up to 6 months stay
  • ONE RENT up to 12 months stay

In case the Tenant/Client decides to extend the lease agreement which expires according to the end rent date initially stated, R.E.A has the right to charge the service fee according to the new rental dates in the new lease agreement or annex of the previous lease agreement.

Rent payments

  • After the Lease Agreement, or any other Agreement entered into between the Tenant/Client and the Landlord, has been signed, it is the sole responsibility of the Landlord to collect rent payments from the Tenant/Client.

  • Tenant is responsible for rent and utilities payment according to the Lease Agreement.

  • R.E.A. shall not be held liable, in any manner, for the collection of rent payments or for any outstanding payment that may arise.

Damage to the accommodation

  • The Tenant/Client is responsible for maintaining the Accommodation and returning it in the same condition as it was when he/she arrived at the Accommodation. The Tenant/Client and the Landlord acknowledge and accept that they are responsible for their own acts or omissions, as well as those of anyone who has been invited or granted access to the Accommodation. 

  • R.E.A. will not be held liable, for any event, where damage has been caused to the Accommodation, where such liability shall be resolved between Landlord and Tenant / Client.

  • R.E.A is not in case responsible if the Tenant deposit cannot be refunded due to damage caused by the tenant in the property.

Lease Agreement

  • The Lease Agreement shall be entered into between the Tenant / Client and the Landlord, and R.E.A. is not a party to the Lease Agreement.

  • R.E.A. shall not be responsible or liable for any failure or deficiency in the performance of the Lease Agreement by the Landlord and/or for any defect in any Accommodation provided by Landlord.

  • R.E.A. shall not be responsible or liable for any failure or deficiency in performance of the Lease Agreement by the Tenant / Client, including, but not limited to, changes in Lease Agreement move-in date and/or move-out dates.

Privacy Statement

Pursuant to the provisions of the Universal Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (Regulation), we inform you that the information you provide will be registered in our database and will be processed manually and automatically according to the Regulation and the national legislation defining the implementation of the Data Protection Regulation.

I’ m giving HomeInZagreb a privilege to use my personal information: first name, last name, e-mail address, phone number, address of permanent residence, correspondence address, nationality, purpose of your stay, birth date, sex, the information you provide Accommodation forms (i.e., a photograph and the sections “About me”, “Employment/Studies”, “Hobbies and interests”, “Who will live with me”, and “Why am I looking for a place to live”), the number of your passport or personal ID card, a photocopy of your identification paper, the number of your visa, cookies, offers viewed by you, and information about leases ordered and paid for the following purposes:

  • entry into a business database and for the purpose of making contracts and other documents necessary for your stay
  • sharing it with the landlords and government authorities by the request
  • sending information to the email address of the HomeInZagreb Agency’s activities and services
  • sending written calls for special events
  • a telephone reminder regarding HomeInZagre’s activities and services
  • sending brochures, magazines, and promotional materials
  • sending the newsletter
  • collecting electronically feedback on satisfaction with HomeInZagreb’s services and activities as
  • well as business-critical issues

Processing of personal data for compliance purposes

Under the applicable law, in particular in the areas of accounting, tax law, and record-keeping, we need to process the following data: first name, last name, address, identification number and information about the services you purchased (i.e., the information included in invoices). The period for which such data will be processed follows directly from the relevant rules and regulations which require us to engage in the data processing

Disclosure of personal data to third parties

To some extent, we draw upon the help of third parties, known as “data processors, in order to comply with our contractual and statutory duties. These include, in particular, the providers of data storage facilities and software applications. We have entered into data processing agreements with these third parties to ensure full compliance with all privacy and data protection rules. We will also disclose your personal data to the competent administrative and regulatory authorities if we are required to do so under the law.

The data bearer is Select Home j.d.o.o., Dardska 3, 10000 Zagreb. This data is used by all its employees. You give us your privilege by signing this document. Also, you can withdraw your privation at any time in writing at office@homeinzagreb.com  or privacy@homeinzagreb.com or ask for more information about your personal information.