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Rent a house before selling it

Rent a house before selling it

When you find yourself with a second home that you are not going to use it anymore, the first question that arises may be: do I sell it or rent it? We at Home in Zagreb will help you solve those doubts and we will also accompany you along the way. These are the reasons that will make you decide: 

1. Receive constant profit

The most obvious advantage of renting is the possibility of receiving constant profits in the medium and even long term. The income you receive from rent can generate very useful surpluses to expand your savings. These can later be very useful:

– To pay for the holes (expenses)

– To pay for your children’s studies

– To be able to save

– And much more

2. High value heritage

After a while, a property in your name allows you to have the option of guaranteeing bank procedures, as well as leaving a valuable heritage to your offspring. 

4. Ease of management

It is a fact that the procedures for buying and selling are more convoluted than those for renting. Not only because drafting a lease is simpler and more standard, but also because it generally involves fewer third parties. We, as an intermediary company, are committed to simplicity as the brand value of our work, any owner who wants to put their home in our hands will find the greatest of facilities.

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