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Read our FAQ and find out answers to all important questions when renting properties in Zagreb.


What is the amount of the deposit?

The deposit is usually in the amount of one monthly rent.

When is the deposit paid?

The deposit is paid before the tenants arrive in order to ensure the property is reserved for them.

Can deposit be used as rent payment?

According to the contract the deposit cannot be used as rent payment. In case you agree with the tenants you can deduct the amount of the utilities for the last month of their stay from the deposit.


When is the rent paid?

The rent is usually paid on a monthly basis. Depending on the agreement,it can be also calculated per day if the tenants arrive at the end of the month.

The tenants usually pay the rent on their arrival to the property.

Rent is paid usually at the beginning of every month and according to the dates in the contracts.

How is the rent calculated?

As a landlord you define the amount of rent for monthly rental. The amount may differ for short terms stay or long term stay. You also have the right to change the amount of the rent before the apartment is reserved. Once the apartment is reserved and the tenants agreed on a certain price the amount of rent cannot be changed.

Who is paying the rent?

The tenants which reserved your property are paying the rent directly to you. The first rent is paid on their arrival, while the remaining rent payments are regulated with the lease agreement.


How are utilities paid?

The tenants are paying the utilities usually at the end of the renting month.

Who is in charge of payments?

As a landlord and more experienced with such matters you are responsible to calculate the utilities every month. The most important thing is that the utilities calculation is always transparent and that the tenants know exactly how much they spent and how much they have to pay.

How are utilities calculated?

The utilities are calculated on a monthly basis. Every month you and your tenants can write down the number of the utility counters in order to have a transparent overview of the costs for you and your tenants and be sure that the utilities are paid on time.

This is the best and most efficient way for both you and the tenants since it’s the expenditure is calculated from the time they entered the apartment and through every month of their lease period.

Rent with utilities included

In case you don’t want to calculate utilities every month you can include them in the price of your rent. This way the utilities are paid along with the rent.


What happens in case of any damage to the property?

In case there is damage at the property you and the tenants determine the amount of the damage and HomeInZagreb can always support and assist if necessary. The damage is either paid immediately or deducted from the deposit.

Is home insurance necessary?

Home insurance is not mandatory but it is recommended, usually our tenants do not cause any large damage but it is always recommended to have some kind of insurance.

Can I check the apartment condition during the lease period?

According to the contract you have the right to enter the apartment while the tenants are inside under the condition that you notified them about your visit and they are present at the time.


Who is responsible for cleaning of the property?

Usually the tenants are responsible to clean the property and return it at the same condition as it was when they entered the property.  As a landlord you are responsible to clean the apartment before the arrival of the tenants.

Can I hire a cleaning agency?

As a landlord you are allowed to hire a cleaning agency and include cleaning in the monthly rent or utility cost for your property.

The amount of cleaning (hours, times and similar) should be known and defined.

Final cleaning fee

In case the tenants did not leave the accommodation as it was at the beginning of the lease period, when they entered the property you are allowed to charge a final cleaning fee in order to hire a cleaning lady or agency. The tenants can also hire a cleaning lady or agency in order to clean the property.

Lease Agreement

Is the signing the lease agreement mandatory?

Signing the lease agreement is mandatory. The lease agreement is signed on the day of tenant’s arrival.

Is the contract on both English and Croatian language?

The contract is bilingual, both on Croatian and English.

What if the lease agreement is cancelled earlier?

In case the tenants cancel the lease agreement earlier than it’s expiration, you have the right to keep the deposit as a compensation for the lost rent.

Can I make changes in the lease agreement?

You are allowed to introduce new terms and conditions in the lease agreement before it’s signed. It is important that you inform us on this changes prior to the signing of the contract so that the tenants are fully aware of this changes.

Stay Registration

Is registering the tenants mandatory?

Registering your tenants is mandatory. This done before their arrival if necessary or at the time of their arrival. We are supporting you and the tenants through the whole registration process.


What kind of support is available?

In case there is any bigger issue with tenants in your property we provide support in order to resolve this issue. This means we are available for you and the tenants through the whole period of their stay at your property.


How do I submit my property?

In order to submit your property to our offer we need to arrange a meeting so we can visit the property and verify it. Visiting the property and verifying it is mandatory.

Should the property be fully furnished?

The properties in our offer should be fully furnished and equipped so the tenants do not have to bring anything but their personal belongings.

Is Wifi internet mandatory?

All the properties in our offer should have Wifi internet as mandatory equipment.

Do tenants visit the properties before renting them?

Usually the majority of our clients reserve their accommodation online based on the offers available on our website. In case of 12+ months rental we can organize a visit to the property.

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