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Read our FAQ and find out answers to all important questions when renting properties in Zagreb.

Group Accommodation Zagreb

Do you offer groups accommodation?

Yes, we offer accommodation for larger groups.

Where is the accommodation located?

The accommodation we provide is located in different parts of the city of Zagreb. Depending on your needs we can accommodate a larger group of persons either at one location or at multiple locations

Is the accommodation provided furnished and equipped?

The majority of accommodation we provide is fully furnished and equipped, so when the tenants arrive they can immediately start to live in it.

Can you also organize transportation ?

Depending on your needs we can also organize the transportation of larger groups from the airport to the accommodation in cooperation with our partners.

How do we register the stay for our group?

We provide you with constant support for the registration of stay or VISA applications for your group. We advise you before their arrival on the necessary documentation and process and provide support on site during their arrival in Zagreb.

Do you offer extra activities ?

In cooperation with our partners we can organize extra activities and field trips for your group based on their needs and budget.

Summer School in Croatia

Do you offer Summer School accommodation?

Yes, we offer accommodation for Summer Schools programs held in Zagreb and Croatia.

Depending on the size of the groups and location the accommodation terms and conditions should be defined a few months earlier prior to the group arrival.

Can you organize accommodation outside of Zagreb?

Yes, we are able to organize accommodation for your group outside of Zagreb.

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