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Should you decide to choose Zagreb or Croatia as your study abroad  destination we can also help you by providing consulting services on which college to choose depending on your interest and what are the benefits you could get from studying in Croatia. Clients we worked with are exchange students & professors coming from different world countries for a student exchange program in Croatia. For the full list of universities in Croatia please visit 

Erasmus Croatia

Erasmus+ Programme covers all fields of Education and Training and plans to provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, gain work experience and volunteer abroad.

The Erasmus+ Programme – in the field of Higher Education is open to students, teaching and non-teaching staff.

To participate in the Erasmus+ Programme students have to be enrolled in studies leading to a recognized degree in any Programme Country (EU Member countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, FYR of Macedonia). In case of mobility for studies students must be enrolled at least in the second year of higher education studies.


Learn Croatian

Croaticum, Croatian Language Center

The Croaticum program of activities consists of the following: one-semester courses which are delivered in the winter and summer semester each academic year, the Little Summer School of Croatian Language which takes place in June and July each year, combined one-month courses which are organized during both semesters each academic year, short one-semester courses, one-to-one lessons, testing of Croatian language knowledge of non-native speakers and mentoring classes with future lecturers of Croatian as a foreign language. When necessary, Croaticum organizes other courses of varying length, scope and character (both general and specialized Croatian) in line with the conditions that are specifically agreed for each case with the Management Board of the Faculty of Philosophy. more info

University of Zagreb 

The University of Zagreb (1669) is the oldest and biggest university in South-Eastern Europe. As a comprehensive public Central European university, University of Zagreb offers education and research and in all scientific fields (arts, biomedicine, biotechnology, engineering, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences) and a broad spectrum of courses at all study levels, from undergraduate to postgraduate. With 29 Faculties, 3 Art Academies and the University Centre for Croatian Studies it is the flagship educational institution in the country, a place where more than 7900 teachers and 72480 students develop knowledge and acquire skills.

Facts and figures


  • 160 undergraduate programmes (ba/bsc)
  • 22 integrated undergraduate-graduate programmes
  • 9 vocational undergraduate programmes
  • 174 graduate programmes (ma/msc)
  • 1 vocational graduate programme
  • 72 doctoral programmes (PhD)
  • 165 specialist postgraduate programmes


approx. 72.480

  • 48,5% of all students in Croatia
  • 40% female

Students enrolled in the 1st year of study: about 11.500

  • Number of BA/BSc degrees: approx. 5.500 / year
  • Number of MA/MSc degrees: approx. 2.300 /year
  • Number of PhD’s: approx. 540 /year


7,915 teaching staff


51% of the total yearly scientific productivity in Croatia

Bilateral and multilateral cooperation

The University of Zagreb develops international contacts with foreign universities based on mutually coordinated and signed agreements supporting the following general forms of cooperation:

  • student and faculty exchange;
  • exchange of administrative and professional staff;
  • joint organization of courses, study tours, conferences and seminars;
  • participation in scientific conferences, symposia and seminars;
  • joint research projects, including applications for governmental and foundation funding;
  • exchange of experience and information on the syllabi, methodology of teaching and techniques applied to didactic process;
  • exchange of scientific publications;
  • other forms of university co-operation of mutual interest.

International Agreements of the University of Zagreb


  1. Macquarie University Sydney (1989.),
  2. University of New South Wales (2011., 3 years),


  1. University of Graz (1981.),
  2. University of Klagenfurt (1997.),
  3. University of Innsbruck (2012., 5 years),
  4. Medical University of Graz (2005.),
  5. Vienna University of Technology (2009., 4 years),
  6. University in Vienna (2013., 5 years),
  7. University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna (2013., 4 years),
  8. The Telecommunications Research Center Vienna (FTW) (2012.),


  1. Baku Slavic University (2013., 5 years),
  2. Baku State University (2013., 5 years),


  1. Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra (2006.),

Bosnia and Herzegovina

  1. University of Sarajevo (2004.),
  2. University of Tuzla (2012., 5 years),


  1. Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (2010., 3 years),
  2. Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (2009., 10 years),
  3. Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina (2009., 5 years),


  1. Sofia University ‘Sv. Kliment Ohridski” (1995.),
  2. University of National and World Economy, Sofia (2005.),


  1. University of Toronto (2011., 5 years),
  2. York University (2007., 5 years, after expiration automatically renewed),
  3. University of Waterloo (2009., 5 years),
  4. University of New Brunswick – Letter of Intent – (2008.),
  5. University of Western Ontario (2010., 5 years),


  1. University of Concepcion (2013., 5 years),
  2. University of Valparaiso (2013., 5 years),


  1. City University of Hong Kong, HKSAR (2013., 5 years),
  2. Beijing Sport University (2009.),
  3. Huazhong Agricultural University (2010., 5 years),
  4. Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade / Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (2013., 5 years),
  5. Tianjin Normal University (2006., 5 years, after expiration automatically renewed for 5 years),
  6. Science and Technology Department of Sichuan Province (2011., 5 years),


  1. Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (2010., 5 years),

Czech Republic

  1. Charles University in Prague (2004.),
  2. Brno University of Technology (2004.),
  3. University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno (2009., 5 years),
  4. Masaryk University (2008., 5 years, after expiration automatically renewed for 5 years),


  1. Aarhus Universitet (2006.),


  1. University of Helsinki (2011., 5 years),
  2. University of Yväskylä (2012., 5 years),
  3. Tampere University of Technology (2006.),


  1. University Panthéon-Assas /Paris II/ (1999.),
  2. Montpellier 2 University (2009., 5 years),
  3. University of Orléans (2013., 5 years),


  1. Dresden University of Technology (1992.),
  2. Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz (1975.),
  3. University of Hamburg (1981.),
  4. Freiberg University of Mining and Technology (1979.),
  5. Humboldt University of Berlin (2009., valid until 31.12.2013.),
  6. Technical University of Munich (2010., 5 years),
  7. European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg (2007., 6 years),
  8. Ilmenau University of Technology (2008.),
  9. University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart (2008.),
  10. Heidelberg University (2009., 5 years),
  11. University of Regensburg (2010.),
  12. Justus Liebig University Giessen (2010., 3 years),


  1. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2012., 3 years),


  1. Eötvös Lorand University in Budapest (1973.),
  2. University of Pécs (2010., 5 years, after expiration automatically renewed for 5 years),
  3. University of Pannonia (2008.),
  4. University of West Hungary (2013., 5 years),


  1. University of Delhi (2009.),
  2. Indian Council for Cultural Relations, New Delhi (2012., 7 years),


  1. University of Technology Yogyakarta – Letter of Intent – (2013.),


  1. University Shahid Beheshti (2012., 5 years),
  2. University of Tehran (2013., 5 years),
  3. Sharif University of Technology (2012., 5 years),


  1. Tel Aviv University (2010.),


  1. University of Udine (1988.),
  2. University of Trieste (2011.),
  3. University of Padova (2013., 5 years),
  4. University of Florence (1998.),
  5. Sapienza University of Rome (2009., 3 years, after expiration automatically renewed for 3 years),
  6. University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (2010.),
  7. International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste (2011., 5 years),


  1. Chuo University, Tokyo (2004.),
  2. University of Tokyo (2010., 5 years),


  1. Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (2007.),
  2. Sogang University (2009., 5 years),
  3. Hanyang University (2010., 5 years),
  4. Chonnam National University (2012., 5 years),


  1. University of Prishtina (2011., 5 years),


  1. Vilnius University (2006., 5 years, after expiration automatically renewed for 5 years),


  1. Ss. Cyril and Methodius University – Skopje (2008., 3 years, after expiration automatically renewed for 3 years),
  2. South East European University, Tetovo (2008.),
  3. University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’ – Bitola (2010.),
  4. State University of Tetova (2011., 5 years),


  1. University of Malaya (2011., 5 years),


  1. Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (2010., 5 years),
  2. University of Guadalajara (2011., 5 years),


  1. University of Bergen (2010., 5 years),


  1. Jagiellonian University in Krakow  (2013., 3 years, after expiration automatically renewed for 3 years),
  2. Cracow University of Technology ‘Tadeusza Kościuszki’ (1977.),
  3. University of Silesia in Katowice (2003.),
  4. Gdansk University of Technology (2005.),
  5. Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (2006.),
  6. Cracow University of Economics (2010., 5 years),
  7. AGH University of Science and Technology (2010., 5 years),
  8. University Wroclawski (2009.),


  1. University of Lisbon (2009., 5 years, after expiration automatically renewed),


  1. University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (2009., 5 years),
  2. University of Bucharest (2009., 5 years),
  3. Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (2009., 5 years),

Russian Federation

  1. Saint-Petersburg State University (2005., 5 years, after expiration automatically renewed),
  2. Moscow State University of Technology and Management (branch Rostov-on Don) (2006.),
  3. Lomonosow Moscow State University (2012., 5 years),
  4. Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (2008.),
  5. Mari State Technical University (2010., 5 years),


  1. National University of Singapore (2010., 5 years),

Slovak Republic

  1. Technical University in Košice (1978.),
  2. Comenius University in Bratislava (2003.),
  3. University of Trnava (2004.),
  4. Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra (2010., 5 years),


  1. University of Maribor (1997.),
  2. University of Ljubljana (2003.),
  3. University of Primorska (2009.),
  4. Euro-Mediterranean University (2012.),


  1. University of Alcalá de Henares, Madrid (2011., 5 years),
  2. Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (2009., 5 years),


  1. University of Novi Sad (2011.),


  1. University of Bern (2010., 5 years, after expiration automatically renewed for 2 years),


  1. National Cheng Kung University (2010., 5 years),
  2. National Sun Yat-sen University (2010., 5 years),


  1. Hacettepe University (2007.),
  2. Yeditepe University (2010.),
  3. Trakya Univeristy (2011., 5 years, after expiration automatically renewed),

United Kingdom

  1. University of Salford (2008.),


  1. Kyiv National T. G. Ševčenko University (2004., 5 years, after expiration automatically renewed for 5 years),
  2. Uzhgorod National University (2007.),
  3. Ivan Franko National University of L’viv (2012., 5 years),
  4. National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (2010., 5 years),
  5. National University of Ostroh Academy (2011., 5 years, after expiration automatically renewed for 5 years),

United States of America

  1. University of Oklahoma (2001.),
  2. Colorado State University (2012., 5 years),
  3. Indiana University at Bloomington (2011., 5 years),
  4. Indiana State University (2013., 4 years),
  5. University of California, Los Angeles (2011., 5 years),
  6. University of New Mexico (2009., 5 years),
  7. University of New Orleans (2009., 5 years),
  8. University of Pittsburgh (2010., 5 years),
  9. DePaul University (2010., 5 years),
  10. University of Wyoming, Laramie (2011., 5 years),
  11. University of Louisville (2013., 5 years),

List of other forms of Agreements

  • Trilateral agreement: Macquarie University Sydney, Paris IV (Paris-Sorbonne), University of Zagreb (1990.)
  • Trilateral agreement:  MESEURO, Studies Centre for Mediterranean, Euro-Mediterranean University- EMUNI, University of Zagreb (2011.)
  • Multilateral agreement:  University of Leoben, University of Mostar, University of Maribor,  University of Zagreb (1997.)



VERN’ was founded in 1990, and the VERN’ University of Applied Sciences, as a higher-educational institution under the name of the Accredited Higher School for Entrepreneurship Economics begun its operation in 2000 based on the accreditation and the decision of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Croatia.

As the first Croatian private business school of higher education, VERN’ has started its academic existence with the professional studies of Entrepreneurship Economics, which even today represents the backbone of VERN’s undergraduate study programs and business culture promoted by the VERN’s educational programs.

Bilateral/Erasmus cooperation

Partner institution City State Web
1. University of Applied Sciences Burgenland Eisenstadt Austria link
2. FHWien University of Applied Sciences of WKW Wien Austria link 
3. Jan Amos Komensky University Prague Prague Czech Republic link
4. The Institute of Hospitality Management in Prague Prague Czech Republic link
5. Vaasa University of Applied Sciences Vaasa Finland link
6. Novancia Business School Paris France link
7. Universite Catolique de Lille Lille France link
8. École des métiers de la communication Paris France link
9. Università degli Studi di Urbino “Carlo Bo” Urbino Italy link
10. Kaunas University of Technology Kaunas Lithuania link
11. SMK University of Applied Social Sciences Klaipėda Lithuania link
12. Budapest College of Communication Business and Arts Budapest Hungary link
13. Zsigmond Király Főiskola – King Sigismund College Budapest Hungary link
14. Stenden University of Applied Sciences Stenden Holand link
15. University HTW Aalen Aalen Germany link
16. Hochschule Bremen Bremen Germany link
17. Katowice School of Economics Katowice Poland link
18. University of Economic in Katowice Katowice Poland link
19. Wroclaw University of Economics Wrocław Poland link
20. University Gdanjsk Gdanjsk Poljska link
21. Alcide de Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy in Józefów Józefów / Varšava Poland link
22. The Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave (IPCA) Barcelos Portugal link
23. Guarda Politechnic Institute Guarda Portugal link
24. Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences Celje Slovenia link
25. University of Primorska, Faculty of Tourism Studies – Turistica Portorož Slovenia link
26. University of Primorska Kopar Slovenia link
27. GEA Faculty for Entrepreneurship Ljubljana or Portorož Slovenia link
28. University Rey Juan Carlos Madrid (Fuenlabrada Campus) Madrid Spain link
29. University Huelva Huelva Spain link
30. Universidade de Vigo Vigo Spain link
31. FHS St. Gallen University of Applied Sciences St. Gallen Switzerland link
32. Istanbul Bilgi University Istanbul Turkey link
33. University Beykent Istanbul Turkey link
34. Universities of Applied Sciences Upper Austria Austria link

Zagreb School of Economics and Management 

For more than a decade now, Zagreb School of Economics and Management has been creating the future business leaders, economic experts and innovative entrepreneurs. With more than one thousand graduates, around 100 lecturers, and with 1200 students, the ZSEM stands out as the largest private institution for higher education in Croatia.

  • The AACSB accreditation awarded to ZSEM in 2013, placed ZSEM among top-five percent of the highest-ranking business schools in the world. The accreditation alone reaffirms the leading status of ZSEM among business schools in Croatia. The AACSB accreditation warrants recognition of ZSEM diploma in the whole world as well as numerous opportunities to continue education or find work abroad.
  • Eduniversal, the French portal known for its rigorous quality assessments, has for the fifth consecutive year selected ZSEM as the best business school. The employment record of our alumni testifies to the excellence of ZSEM: as many as 74% of its graduates, despite the current business climate, finds job within four months upon graduation.
  • As the only business school in Croatia with a Career center office established so as to help students find job past graduation.
  • Each year, we send abroad as many as 15% of ZSEM’s best students to participate in our exchange program, with no additional  tuition fees. Upon obtaining undergraduate degree, some of our students continue education abroad, or take up our own graduate and MBA programs, which Eduinversal has placed among the best one hundred, and two hundred, respectively.
International Partners
Anderson University
Bangkok University
BI Norwegian School of Management
Bradford College
Catholic University of Portugal – Porto
Chonnam University
Cologne Business School
Concordia University
Corvinus University Budapest
Deusto Business School
East China University of Science and Technology
EBS University for Business and Law
EDHEC Business School
EMLYON Business School
ESCA Ecole de Management
ESSEC Business School Paris
Fachhochschule Koblenz
Faculty of Economics – Skopje, SS. Cyril and Methodius
Faculty of Economics – University of Belgrade
Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana
France Business School – Amiens
Frankfurt School of Finance Management
Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
Groupe ESC Dijon
Groupe ISCAE
HEC Montréal
Higher School of Economics
Holy Spirit University of Kaslik
Hong Kong Baptist University
HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration 
ICN Business School
ISCTE-IUL Business School
ISM University of Management and Economics
Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics
Jilin University
John Carrol University, Cleveland
Jyväskilä University of Applied Sciences
KEDGE Business School
KIMEP University
Kozminsky University
KU Leuven – Faculty of Economics and Business
Kyung Hee University
Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Laurentian University 
Mälardalen University
Masaryk University
MGIMO University
Munich Business School
Nagoya University of Commerce and Business
Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (NTU)
National Tsing Hua University
Neoma Business School
Northumbria University
Nova School of Business and Economics
Odessa National Economic University
Okanagan College
Pforzheim University
Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics Moscow
PSB Paris School of Business
Pusan National University
Queensland University of Technology
Reutlingen University
RISEBA University
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
Ryerson University
S P Jain School of Global Management – Dubai
S P Jain School of Global Management – Sydney
S P Jain School of Global Management – Singapore
Saint Ambrose University
Sapienza Universita´di Roma – Facolta´di Economia
Science Po Lille (Institute for Political Studies of Lille)
SciencesPo Paris
Singapore Management University
Sogang University
Southern Taiwan University
Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
St. Thomas University, Florida
Stenden University
Sungkyunkwan University
Tbilisi Business and Management Higher Educational Institution – College
TBS Barcelona
Tecnologico de Monterrey ITESM – Campus Querétaro
Telecom Ecole de Management
Texas Tech University
The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM)
The Hague University
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Toulouse Business School
UMEA School of Business and Economics
Universidad Austral, Buenos Aires
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM) 
Universidad de Murcia
Universidad de Navarra in San Sebastian
Universidad del Desarrollo
Universidad del Pacifico
Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Aguascaliente
Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola
Universidad Tecmilenio
Universita degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia
Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
Université de Liege
Universite du Quebec a Montreal
Université Saint Louis Bruxelles
University of Barcelona
University of Bologna
University of Central Missouri
University of Hohenheim
University of Louisville
University of Manitoba
University of Michigan – Flint
University of Navarra
University of Padova
University of Sao Paulo
University of Sarajevo
University of St. Gallen
University of Sussex
University of Torino
Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, School of Management (Steyr)
Ural Federal University
Warsaw School of Economics
ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Science
Zhejiang Wanli University
Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

RRiF College of Financial Management

RRiF College for Financial Management was founded in 2006. and conducts a three-year professional study Accounting and Finance and a two-year  specialist professional graduate study Corporate finance. The study programmes are focused on educating professionals able to, immediately after the study, independently performs tasks in the fields of financial management, financial accounting and reporting, taxation and managerial accounting  as well as the managerial activities on the level of the middle management or the higher management in corporations.

  1. Ondokuz Mayis University, Samsun, Turska
  2. Polish Open University, Varšava, Poljska
  3. Žemaitijos kolegija, Rietavas, Litva
  4. Fakulteta za komercialne in poslovne vede, Celje, Slovenija
  5. Stopanska Akademia “D. A. Tsenov”, Svishtov, Bugarska
  6. University of Patras, Grčka
  7. Escola superior de Tecnologias de Fafe, Portugal
  8. Slovenska pol’nohospodarska univerzita v Nitre, Slovačka
  9. Instituto Politecnico de Braganca, Portugal
  10. Universidade Lusofona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Lisabon, Portugal
  11. Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo, Viana do Castelo, Portugal
  12. InterNapa College, Sotira, Cipar
  13. TecnoCampus Mataro-Maresme, Mataro, Španjolska
  14. Gliwicka Wyzsza Szkola Przedsiebiorczosci, Glwice, Poljska
  15. Inštitut za razvoj sodobne družbe, Zabukovje, Slovenija