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Lara 1 RM

  • Apartment
    50 m2
    1 Bedrooms
    1 Bathrooms
  •  Booked
    Central City
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  • Status
  • Location
    Central City
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  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
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  • Area
    50 m2
  • Living Rooms

Detail & Description

The apartment is fully furnished and consists of 1 bedroom, living room, kitchen with dining area, bathroom, ideal for international students or a couple.


This apartment is located close to the city center just 20m from the tram station.

The supermarket, bars and all other city attractions are within a walking distance from the Apartment.

Price: 500 EUR + utilities

Deposit: 500 EUR 

Availability: from 01.02.2020


  • Rent is paid in cash or by bank account on a monthly basis each first day in the month for the whole month directly to the landlord. First month rent is paid upon arrival.
  • Deposit is not rent payment, and it is refundable at the end of rent. Deposit is a guarantee for the landlord that tenant will rent the apartment. Deposit is used in case anything is broken in the apartment which should be repaired or it can be used for last month rent utility payment if agreed so with the owner.
  • Usually utilities at any apartment can consist of gas,water,electricity,garbage,internet,building taxes, TV or phone subscription or similar.Utilities are paid for the previous month when the landlord calculates the amount of the utilities. Utilities can be paid by true consumption, they can be paid by approximate consumption, or they can be included in the monthly rent. The amount and prices of utilities depends on the consumption. HomeInZagreb is not responsible for the amount and prices of utilities in any of the apartments in our offer, the payment and consumption is the responsibility of the tenant.


Map and Location