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Hrastik Apt 2 RM

  • Apartment
    110 m2
    2 Bedrooms
    1 Bathrooms
  •  Booked
    No Parking
    City Center
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  • Status
  • Location
    City Center
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  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Parking
  • Area
    110 m2
  • Living Rooms

Detail & Description

This apartment is located in Jordanovac and Lascina area, which is a very peaceful residential area. The apartment consists of a very spacious living room connected to a kitchen, it has 2 bedrooms with wardrobe and a full-size bathroom, the apartment is heated through floor heating so the temperature in almost every room can be regulated individually. The apartment is very close to Zagreb School of Economics and Management college.

Price: 550 EUR + 100 EUR fixed utilities

Deposit: 550 EUR

Availability: from 01.09.2019.

*Deposit is not rent payment, the deposit is used to reserve the apartment and it is usually in the amount of one monthly rent, unless stated otherwise, it serves as a guarantee to the landlord that the tenant will rent the apartment.During the lease agreement the amount from the deposit can be used for payment in case anything in the apartment is damaged or needs to be repaired.


Map and Location