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Leisure Activities

Zagreb and its surroundings offer a great variety of sports and leisure activities for anybody’s taste. If you like spending time in nature, try Medvednica Mountain, which extends just above the city. It is a favourite excursion area for the city people not only because of its protected nature but also because of a dozen cosy restaurants situated on its slopes serving tasty and inexpensive domestic food. Medvednica is equally popular in winter when it turns into the biggest ski-centre in Croatia. Apart from having a mountain nearby, Zagreb can equally boast of its own “Zagreb sea”, the Jarun Sports and Recreation Centre comprised of a number of lakes and an impressive rowing course. If, on the other hand, you prefer indoor sports try the sports centres “Mladost”, “SRC Šalata”, “Dom Športova” etc. Taking part in and following sports is a passion with Croatians and many Croatian sports people and coaches have a world reputation.

Culture and Entertainment

Zagreb is the cultural centre of Croatia. There are 15 theatres, a dozen concert halls and numerous cinemas. Zagreb is also a European centre for modern and alternative movements in culture. The well-known music Zagreb Bienial Eurokaz Festival of New Theatre, the Contemporary Dance and Performance Week of Zagreb Artists, Zagreb Film Festival are all important parts of the European cultural scene. Zagreb is proud of its many galleries and museums where you can find or even purchase diverse works of art. Young people have plenty of opportunities for entertainment. There are many discos, pubs and cafés where one can dance the night away or just have a nice cup of coffee with a friend.


Croatia’s party city is without a doubt Zagreb. It has a limitless supply of bars, cafés, pubs and night-clubs suitable for all tastes. You have the Upper Town with the sinuous, bar-lined Tkalciceva street and the Lower Town with Bogoviceva and Trg Preradovica plus the Branimir Centre across from the train station. Then you have Out-of-Town down by Jarun Lake and south of the Sava river (where a car is most convenient). For the most part, the vibe is pretty relaxed in Zagreb clubs. Ruthlessly selective door policies and watery cocktails have not yet made inroads onto the scene. There are a few clubs where you’re expected to show up in movie-star fashion but they are a definite exception. The cover runs from about 30 to 50HRK. Drinks are about the same.

Public Transportation

There are three ways of public transportation – trams, buses and city railway. They operate all day (every few minutes) and night (every hour). Tickets can be bought on board (10 kn) or at newsstands (8 kn). Make sure that you stamp your ticket once you board: an unstamped ticket is as good as no ticket at all! Daily tickets are available at a price of 25 kn. Monthly or annual tickets can also be bought in ZET (Zagreb Electric Tram) offices at a reduced price ( For a monthly/annual ticket you will need to fill in a ZET-form, stamp it at the faculty/academy you enrol. Then you will go to the central office of the Zagreb Electric Trams in Ozaljska 105, HR-10000 Zagreb – end tram station called LJUBLJANICA. There you will purchase a pass (30 kn, app. 4€ + photo) and every month you will buy a ticket for 83kn, app. 11€. This monthly ticket enables you to use all buses and trams in the area of the city of Zagreb.


Zagreb public transportation

Zagreb tram map


You can find them in front of all major hotels, the train and bus stations and at numerous other central locations.

Major taxi companies are: Radio Taxi Zagreb,  Eko Taxi, Cammeo Taxi 

Student restaurants

Meals, cafe, refreshments and cakes at affordable prices are served in student restaurants and cafeterias run by the Student Centre University of Zagreb. Services and offerings may vary in over 20 restaurants at various locations in the city, usually within Faculties of the University. The biggest student restaurant is located in the Student Centre Savska 25.Erasmus & CEEPUS exchange students at the University of Zagreb will be entitled to a STUDENT CARD, so-called “x-ica”. The card enables you to have subsidized meals in student restaurants, so-called “mensas”, dispersed all over the city at faculties and student residence halls. Other categories of exchange students will have to pay a full price for meals at student restaurants; a meal will cost you approx. 30-50HRK.