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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to book an apartment,house or just a room in a shared apartment, please take a look at our offer under the section ApartmentsInZagreb and send us an e-mail with the options you find interesting and suitable for you. Afterwards we will check if the property is available for the desired period and we will confirm you which options are available according to your needs and renting period, the price of the rent, and the approximate amount of utilities. Once you give us your final answer and decision we will make an offer and send it to you so you can make the necessary deposit and service fee payment and reserve your accommodation before your arrival. Our booking procedure is also explained on an infographic in the booking section.
Once you booked your accommodation, the next step is to organize your are arrival & renting procedure. The rent for the 1st month is paid on arrival (deposit is refunded at the end of the renting period) and the contract is signed on arrival as well. In case it is necessary we can issue a document which you can use as proof that your have secured accommodation even before you arrive for VISA or similar purposes. Rent is paid in cash or by bank transfer on a monthly basis each first day in the month. The rent is paid for the whole month and cannot be paid by day unless agreed otherwise with the landlord and/or agency. The rent is paid during the whole period of the rent as signed in the contact no matter of travelling or leaving the apartment during the renting period. Do not be late with rent payment, the landlords to not like it and they may charge late rent payment additionally. If you cannot make the payment on time notify the landlord and agency immediately.
The deposit is paid before arrival in order to reserve the apartment, during the renting period the deposit is used as insurance which should cover any damage which happened in the property. The deposit cannot be used as rent payment or utility payment during the rental period. The deposit amount equals usually the amount of one or two monthly rents. The deposit is refunded at the end of the renting period in full in case all the terms and conditions of the renting agreement are met and in case there is not any kind of damage. The deposit is refunded in partial amount or not refunded in case the damage done by the tenant equals the amount of deposit paid or in case the tenant did not respect the terms and conditions of the renting agreement. The deposit is not be refunded if the tenant decides to leave, before the period of the lease agreement ends. The deposit is refunded by the landlord or by the agency depending on the type of contract.
Each apartment has got it’s monthly utilities which can consist of water, electricity, gas, garbage disposal, Internet, TV or phone subscription,building taxes or similar. Upon arrival the landlord or one of our colleagues will give you all information about utilities costs and also give you instruction how to use them optimally. Utilities are paid for the previous month when they are calculated or the bills arrive. Utilities can be paid by true consumption, they can be paid by approximate consumption, or they can be included in the monthly rent. There is a difference between fixed and variable costs, for example, internet is considered a fixed cost, since the amount paid is always the same,in case of a flat rate internet(most apartments have flat rate) while water,electricity and gas are mostly paid based on consumption, so they are variable costs, in the winter gas is usually higher and can be quite expensive, while in the summer period the amount for the gas is quite low and the biggest cost is electricity used for air condition and water. The amount and prices of utilities depends on the consumption and current prices. HomeInZagreb is not responsible for the amount and prices of utilities in any of the apartments in our offer, the payment and consumption is the responsibility of the tenant.
The service fee is the amount that the agency charges to clients for their services. It is paid along with the deposit and it’s not refundable. The service fee is paid per person.The service fee includes service of mediation in an apartment lease, providing support for visa & residence permits, providing the lease agreement,and 24/7 support during the entire duration of the contract.
The rent is paid each month, either to the landlord or to the agency depending on the type of contract, the rent is always paid in the beginning of the month, while the utilities are paid at the end of the month. The utilities are calculated and paid either by counters (true consumption) , by bills ( approximate consumption,average) or they are included in the price of the rent in some cases. Please take care of each apartment as a good tenant, clean it at least once a week (in some apartments cleaning service additionally paid by contract) and avoid parties because the neighbors will call the police and then you will get a fine for disturbance of public peace and order. Loud and big parties are not recommended since you may have troubles with the neighbours and police. Please keep your living space clean during the renting period and most important when leaving the apartment, the landlords or the agency can charge a cleaning fee if the apartment is not in the desired condition or as it was at the beginning of the rent, we ask our landlords to clean the apartment prior to tenants arrival so landlords expect tenants to leave it clean at the end of the renting period. Should any damage occur during the renting period which was not previously in the apartment, please report it to the agency and landlord immediately, depending on the type of the damage the landlord or the tenant will fix it. For larger damages like water leaks or heating malfunction the landlord is responsible and he/she shall fix it, for wall damages or windows broken or similar the tenants is responsible and he/she shall return it to the previous state if it was his/her fault.
Make sure to inform us on your exact arrival date and time, if you want us to organize a transfer from the airport to the city please let us know the date,time and flight number, so someone can meet you at the airport and drive you directly to your apartment. Even if your flight is late we will make sure to meet you. The rent is paid on your arrival, so make sure to bring it along with you or to organize to do the bank transfer on time. Another important thing is to regulate your stay, we will provide all the necessary support and advise on the documentation needed to do it. Regulating your stay is important so you can use the public transportation or student restaurants at discounted prices, your apartment address will be written on your temporary ID (for 90 days or more). Applying for a temporary stay is mandatory for persons staying longer than 90 days in Croatia.
Please let us know the exact date of your departure, once you will know it for sure, it is important for us and for the landlords to know the exact date so we can prepare for the following tenants. Make sure to clean your apartment/room and pay the remaining rent and utilities, so the landlord/agency could return your deposit when you leave the apartment The landlord/agency will check the apartment before you leave,make sure no to forget any personal things or important documents on your departure.